legal cases resolved via Twitter

04 Jun

Fahmy agreed to write 100 in your account statement sorry Twitter
A political activist Malaysia have agreed to apologize 100 times on social networking site Twitter as part of the settlement of defamation cases out of court.

In January last Fahmi Fadzil, an assistant to opposition politicians and a leading commentator on social issues, said in a Twitter account that his friends who are pregnant are treated poorly by the company Blu Inc Media-owned magazine where she worked.

Lawyer Fahmi, Johan Syaredzan say the Fahmi had written statement to the Blu Inc apology in his account a few hours after these accusations, but the company’s legal team then sent a letter demanding damages and an apology statement in several major newspapers.

Fahmy accused admitted he was wrong a publishing company and later agreed to write a statement sorry 100 times in his Twitter account within three days.

“I defame Blu Inc Media & Female magazine. The messages I tweet about their HR policies are not right. I took those words and apologize,”said a statement written apology Fachmi in her account repeatedly.

Blu Inc Media declined to comment on this case.
“This settlement is achieved jointly by both parties. This is a full and final settlement of this issue,” said Fahmi told the BBC.

Click Account Twitter Fahmi got a lot of support from some of his friends who offered that they also write the same message in their account to help him.

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