New Flying Car For Sale Free in the World 2011

19 Feb

Mobil Terbang Terbaru 2011 Dijual Bebas di Dunia

Terrafugia has managed to create a prototype vehicle capable of operating the air as far as 724 km. And when the street car can be driven overland to 185 km / hour. Finally, have successfully created a car flying in the latest year 2011.

Mobil terbang 2011

Flying Car 2011

Transition Roadable Aircraft equipped with wings that can fold automatically within 30 seconds, similar to the time required to open and close the convertible roof.
When the wing is bent, the car will run normally like other four-wheeled vehicle and remain fit if parked in a normal car garage.

“All that in order to make these vehicles are flexible enough to fly to various places,” said Terrafugia.

If interested, he says flying cars can be ordered now by paying an advance of $ 10,000 (approximately Rp94 million). But the price would not say how much of this flying car. (UKy)
Many who ask when the car is in. .. Indonesia, even if entry .., meaning that the traffic cop jg should be ready for the air .., tp g if the traffic cop can buy .., semriwing aja dh .., racing in the air.

Here are some photos of the flying car is very sophisticated.

Mobil terbang 2011

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