Removing Light Sea Snail

09 Mar

Several animal species have a unique natural way to mengindar from predators. For example, a squid that squirts black fluid containing undesirable predators or skunk who issued a very smelly fart.
Unique way to avoid prey species also possessed a snail named Hinea brasiliana. Marine animals can give off light of its shell. Emitted light can suddenly it possible to shock predators that will attack it so that the snails have time to take refuge into the shell.
The uniqueness of the species was investigated by two scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, Dimitri Deheyn and Nerida Wilson. Through his research, the researchers found that the way a snail emits green light in unique ways when faced with predators such as crabs and shrimp movement of swimming.
The researchers say, usually light produced by the snail mengemisikannya in a focused manner. However, these snails emit light with a unique pass through the cell shell. It makes her look bigger size. The findings were published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
Wilson says, “It is very rare snail sea floor give off light. More surprising when knowing this snail can use the shell to optimize the light they produce.”
He also found that the yellowish color of the shell which does not kill snails produced light color, namely green. Indeed, the shell plays a role in dispersing the light green color.
Deheyn says, adaptation snails in the shell is very interesting for optical and bioengineering research. Understanding the characteristics of the shell could help scientists develop specific materials that function the same.
“The capacity of diffusion of light that we see in this snail is bigger than other similar materials. The focus next is to understand why the shells have such capacity. It has the potential to develop a material with better optical performance,” said Deheyn.

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