Waiter Arrested Due to False Bomb

09 Aug

A waiter in a hotel United Arab Emirates (UAE) was forced to spend time in jail. Himself known to deliberately reporting false bomb threat addressed to her workplace.

The waiter’s name is unknown, reportedly phoned the hotel manager and said there was a bomb inside the hotel building where she worked. But the manager was not gullible like that.

“Himself refused to name. In the end the manager reported the matter to the police,” the police statement quoted by Emirates newspaper Al-Youm on Tuesday (09/08/2011).

After reports of the hotel manager, police immediately moved. “We managed to track down where the call originated. The perpetrator was finally caught us,” continued the police.

As a result, the poor waiter eventually be processed and detained by the police. The waiter admitted he deliberately do such a threat, because they want to return to his country.

Citizenship is not clear from this servant, while he wanted the deportation order has not received any response from Arab Erab Pemeintah Union.

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