invisibility cloak Soon In Create

05 Mar

Cloak of invisibility, such as that used Harry Potter, soon come true. This new cloak that can make objects invisible to the eye covered.
Cloak is made from two pieces of calcite crystals, minerals are white or colorless commonly found in limestone. Both pieces of the crystals are affixed to certain rules.
Calcite is highly anisotropic, which makes the nature of light that comes will be forwarded to a different angle of light coming from the other side. By using two calcite, researchers can bend light around solid objects are placed between the crystals.
In the second crystal shaped slit Kasit exists a right triangle. “Whatever you put in the bottom of this gap will not be visible from the outside,” said George Barbastathis from MIT.
Cloak made by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and SMART Centre of Singapore is not like the robes similar has ever developed. Long robes can only make things disappear under the rays with a wavelength that is not visible by humans.
Another robe only to eliminate microscopic objects. The new robe to work with the light seen by the human eye and can hide the objects are quite large.
Invisibility cloak is still has some flaws. One example is the only work a maximum under green light. The researchers deliberately designed with green color because, in addition to calcite can only be configured in a certain light waves, the human eye is very sensitive to green color. So obviously Barbastathis.
In addition, the effect is only apparent disappear from a certain angle. When viewed from different angles, the object reappears.
Nevertheless Barbastathis feel confident that his team or other researchers will make a better cloak in the near future.
He also believes that the robe like this would have a use. “In Boston there are many crossing the road with a sharp angle. We see the traffic light, you may be confused whether it is light to your path or another path. With this robe, we can hide other traffic lights so that motorists are not confused,” Barbastathis clear.
long long robes that are similar probably one of the harry potter hallowsnya this could soon be available on the market without having to be a witch tentunnya

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