It Could Be aircraft weather forecasters!

07 Jul

Residing near the airport did abbreviate the travel time if you want to travel by plane. However, local people were often gets ‘gift’ the weather is very buruk.

According to one study, the aircraft can increase the chance of snow and hujan.Peristiwa this happens when the plane was landing or it will fly. The findings, published in the journal Science and didedkasikan for this academic results are based on satellite imagery of cloud around the airport and the computer model at the behavior of clouds.

Mentioned, the impact of jet aircraft could actually penetrate the clouds. This event is similar to operating ‘cloud seeding’, where ice crystals are created in the atmosphere to produce rain.

Side effects are very clearly visible flight around the world’s busiest airports, including London’s Heathrow airport, where more than 1,200 aircraft taking off or landing every day.

This phenomenon occurs when the aircraft ‘break’ through the clouds that contain water ‘very cold’ or the existing water in the form of liquid droplets at a temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius or colder.

As the plane rapidly through the clouds, the air behind the wing and propeller aircraft expands and cools quickly. This sudden drop in temperature enough to freeze supercooled water droplets and ice crystals turn into streams.

Over time, ice crystals grow and affect surrounding water drops and creates a hole in the clouds that could rise for several hours and increase the likelihood of snow or rain when the plane landed.

Dr. Andrew Heymsfield of the National Centre for Atmospgeric Research in Boulder, Colorado, said the aircraft increases the likelihood of snow when the sky is a giant hole in the clouds after takeoff and during flight creates ‘canal’ in the cloud while landing.

“Is the plane to create a hole or channel in the cloud depends on the trajectory,” he explained. When climbing through layers of super-cooled clouds, the plane can only produce one hole, he added.

“However, when the aircraft is flying at the level of the cloud layer, the plane can produce a long canal,” lanjutanya again. The results of this study found that a layer of super-cooled clouds covering 100 square miles the world’s major airports.

Effect ‘seeding’ the clouds will be more visible near the north pole and south. Researchers examined 20 satellite images of clouds blanketed with holes to hang over Texas on one day in January 2007.

Some holes even looked for more than four hours and continue to grow along the 96 km. The team then examined the flight data from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to find out what aircraft are flying in every area, between the height of 7-8 km that day.

Researchers found a variety of aircraft could result in a hole, including jumbo jets, military aircraft and a single-engine personal jet. The researchers claim this plane could not possibly affect global climate.

However, these aircraft can increase the need to melt ice planes with frekuesni more frequently in the future, they continued. Not the first time scientists are linking the plane with the weather.

Earlier this year, a study concludes, condensation lines formed when water vapor freezes aircraft engine can warm the planet more than the greenhouse gases released from aircraft engines.

The result, ‘clouds trap heat’ radiated back from Earth’s surface, said German researchers as contained in the journal Nature Climate Change.

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