Artificial Bird Pentagon spy

25 Feb

Hummingbird bird robot named Nano AeroVironment Inc. developed and DARPA.

Institute of Defense at the Pentagon to develop a miniature robot that can fly for spying. It looked like a hummingbird complete with flapping wings as they fly as the name Nano Hummingbird.

“The success of this program is paving the way for a new generation of spacecraft flying with the ability and the shape resembles a small bird,” said Todd Hlton, Hummingbird program manager at the Pentagon, as reported by the Los Angeles Times Web site, recently.

With a shape like a bird and small size, the robot can maneuver more agile, perhaps even through windows or perched on electric wires. Can fly vertically, to the right, left, forward, and rewind. The robot can fly up to the speed of 17 kilometers per hour. Designed as a spy robot, equipped with cameras to record his surroundings.

Expanse of wings, only 6.5 inches, or about 18 cm and weighs just 19 grams or lighter than a standard AA battery. Light as it had with the machine motor, communication systems, and video cameras.

Research making the robot spent five years since 2006 and a fund of 4 million U.S. dollars. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is a defense research agency owned by the U.S. Defense Department, towing and AeroVironment Inc. Monrovia.

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