Making Sperm Outside Body

01 Apr

Researcher at Yokohama City University have successfully created a mouse sperm and using it to produce offspring. This is a development that might someday help infertile men.

Sperm that was grown outside the body using a tissue containing rat sperm stem cells, called spermagonia, taken from the babies rats. Scientists from Japan and then develop into sperm cells using chemicals that mimic the natural environment where they grow.

The liquid mixture of chemicals are called knock-out serum replacement (KSR). This formula is used to keep the stem cells did not change. Here, Takehiko Ogawa, professor of urology from Japan, found the opposite effect. He and his colleagues found spermagonia turn into mature sperm.

“We can not key factors that make KSR work like that,” I Ogawa. “It’s become our next challenge. We will determine these factors and make a better medium for developing sperm quality,” he continued.

These results prove that there is hope for infertile men and boys who are undergoing chemotherapy. “When people are hospitalized due to cancer, they may be infertile is very large,” explained Martin Dym, professor of biochemistry from Georgetown University.

In adult men, according to the Dym who do not participate in the studio, sperm can be frozen before treatment. “In children, we can not do that. However, they have testicular cells. If we can develop, they can be used to make fertilization outside the womb,” Dym explains further.

However, the health consequences of making sperm outside the body is still worth noting. Steve Krawetz, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology from Wayne State University, said that creating sperm from stem cells could produce changes in DNA that make cells susceptible to various environmental factors. “That change can be bad and is derived in the next generation,” said Krawetz.

However, Krawetz acknowledged that the system is fantastic. “It’s a big step forward,” he said

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