This is the location in the Lower Lakes Hiking!

11 Apr

Its location in the foothills of Hochschwab, in Tragoess, Styria, AUSTRIA. Green Lake is one of the strangest natural phenomenon in the world. During the winter this location is really dry like ordinary hiking locations where many people come over there for a vacation town. But it coincided with rising temperatures, snow and ice that covers the mountains begins to melt and the water flooded the site and make it into the location under which the water is crystal-clear water.

Depths ranging from 1-2 meters up to more than 10 meters in the early summer. Waters of Green Lake is reached at which point in June, where many diving enthusiasts come for the sake of enjoying the beauty of the mountains in the water park. Seating benches, grass green mountains, trees, roads, bridges and even under water creates wonderful atmosphere seemed to be on the mainland. But this phenomenon only lasts half the year in each year. Precisely this that makes people more curious.

The pictures below were taken during summer (summer):

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