Shoes are not visible

15 Feb

VIVAnews – shoe model had been developed. Amid the onslaught of the type and model of shoe that menunjuang appearance of the foot, shoe designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Andreia Chaves, realize the idea of ‘mad’ in new works.

Andreia intentionally set a trend footwear that is not visible when in use. He coats the surface of the model wedges shoes with a mirror. This is to reflect the surrounding area, giving rise to camouflage.

Captured reflections mirror make a form invisible shoes. Because not transparent, soles and toes would not be visible while wearing these shoes.

The mirror is used as a coating in the form of square pieces allowing shoe caught sight of a different angle on the surrounding environment.

“The fact I grew up in a very crowded city in Sao Paulo. Full of diversity and this is so different visual inputs. This condition inspired me to make the concept of invisible shoe,” said Andreia, as quoted from

“From the results of my work can be seen clearly from the South American influence that is flexibility. It is also mixed with what I experienced in Europe,” he said.

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