turtle belly filled with thousands of junk

31 Mar

Thousands of trash found in the stomachs of dead sea turtles due to marine pollution. This is evidence of the impact of human behavior on marine life.

Turtles often mistake plastic for jellyfish, one of their favorite foods. Plastics can block the digestive tract and cause a slow and painful death from starvation.

Green turtle (green sea turtle) that died were found off the coast of Argentina with body size over 44 inches. In the latest edition of the Marine Turtle Newsletter biologist confirmed 75% of green turtle eating plastic waste including, balloons, the remaining balls and food wrappers.

“Almost all the bodies of marine animals, including some animals that are very fragile and rare in the world, affected by human behavior. Especially plastic,” says Colette Wabnitz observer marine animals from the University of British Columbia.

Plastics are also frequently appeared in the nest of birds. Whales, turtles and albatrosses are some animals who ‘likes to’ eat plastic.

“More than 260 species caught are reported to swallow and plastic debris. Worldwide, at least 260 million tons of plastic are produced each year. This number increased dramatically compared to half a ton of plastic waste in 1950, “said Wabnitz.

One billion plastic bags are used every day and three out of a thousand plastic waste into the sea.

“Last year, I even found 76 plastic bags in one minute at sea level Indonesia when I stood on the bow of the boat to examine the turtle,” said Wallace Nichols of California Academy of Sciences.

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