Over half of Chinese cities experienced acid rain

04 Jun

Air pollution hit cities in China will be growth industry

China said over half the cities in the country experienced acid rain, and few who have fresh air.
A sixth major rivers so polluted that the water was deemed not good for agriculture.
Supervisor pollution states 16.4% of China’s rivers are not even meet the standards of agricultural irrigation.
Water from the big cities like Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou expressed very polluted. Only the tourist island of Hainan and some northern coast are considered completely healthy.
Only 3.6% of the 471 monitored cities get top ranking in terms of air cleanliness.
Environmental Ministry said the heavy metal pollution is very worrying because it threatens the stability of society in addition to population health.
China has repeatedly promised to clean up its environment, but these efforts often fail because it is not in line with the resources and political will.
Local officials say growth, profits and job creation are considered more important than environmental issues.
Ganjie Li said: “The environment in general is still very sad and still face various problems and challenges. ”
He said the threatened biodiversity in the country.
Environmental destruction due to industrial activity has led some Chinese people protest.
Mongolian tribe was furious because of damage to land due to shepherd them to mine coal.
Riots occurred because a shepherd killed by a coal truck.
The Chinese government then started a month-long operation to crack down on the coal industry is destroying the environment or disturb the residents.

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