World appalling! Rare Phenomenon ‘Tornado of Fire’ in Hungary!

09 Mar

Tornado this fire, occurred during a fire at a plastics processing plant in Kistarcsa near Budapest, Hungary. (Reuters)
A rare phenomenon known as ‘tornado of fire’, was caught on camera while soaring into the sky at night, in Budapest, according to the Telegraph (2 / 3).

This horrific picture was caught on camera during a major fire at a plastics processing plant in Kistarcsa, a suburb of the capital Budapest, Hungary.
About 70 firefighters were sent to tackle the fire, which swept all industrial units as well as overcome the terrible fire that soared into the sky to form the vortex.
One witness at the scene said the fire at a 15-foot building that has been a consuming and a couple of times a sound of explosion.
So far, no casualties reported in the blaze. The fire happened on Tuesday (1 / 3), around 08:00 pm local time. The cause of the fire until now unknown.
Tornado of fire, also known as the ‘whirlpool of fire’, only occurs in certain conditions, forming a vertical column of flames and hot air that has properties similar to tornadoes in general.
This phenomenon usually occurs during the forest fire with a height of between 10 to 15 meters, but some extreme events ever recorded at an altitude of 1 mile.
Events deadliest ever recorded at the time of the Great Kanto earthquake in Japan. 1923, which killed nearly 38,000 people in 15 minutes.

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