shoes equipped with radar

15 Feb


Illustration of shoes that are equipped with radar (shine)

VIVAnews – These shoes are very suitable for many immigrants who have not mastered his new location. Because these shoes are equipped with smart tools bookmark site: radar.

Shoes made by the researchers from North Carolina State University and Carnegie Mellon University is equipped with a prototype form (prototype) portable radar sensors. He has a satellite-based navigation tool Global Positioning System (GPS) and inertial measurement device called the unit (IMU).

GPS to determine the location where the user is located, while the IMU works to measure the movement of users shoes.

“Sometimes, the GPS can not be used, ie when you are in the building or in the basement, so that the satellite connection will be closed,” said Dan Stancil, one member of the research team that, at the IEEE Transactions On Microwave Theory and Techniques, to the site TechNewsDaily.

That is why, the IMU is added to assist the GPS function, so that movement of shoes can still be monitored, when GPS is not working.

For example when a user of this shoe has just entered the cave and then he loses the GPS signal, then the shoes will make use of IMU for tracking the movement of step shoes.

IMU will detect the force produced by the acceleration and deceleration that occurs in the shoe. “When the distance between the heel and the ground does not change within a certain time, then the navigation computer users will know that the middle of the shoe is at rest,” said Stancil.

Conversely, when changes are accelerated in the shoe, then a tool that can estimate the speed and location of the shoes. However, the IMU has a big enough challenge in its application.

Once the small errors in calculation, the calculation error that acceleration will continue to accumulate so that the tool would also be wrong in predicting the position of the user.

If you are moving IMU estimates, even though only 10 cm per second, but then you’re standing still, then the error estimate of the distance or distortion generated by the IMU for about 3 minutes is about 18 feet away.

However, these errors can be minimized by pressing the reset button for speed, while the user was stopped walking. Thus, errors can be reduced.

At least, using these shoes, the user can move more certain when going towards a desired location.

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