Wow .. Changed His chest hair color when lust

11 Apr

There are new facts which show that the chest feathers of male birds of paradise can change color. Bird species that are able to do is Parotia lawesii, one of a kind berhabitat in Papua New Guinea.

The fact was revealed in the research of Daniel Osorio, professor of neuroscience at the University of Sussex, and colleagues, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Color change that occurred was not the actual changes, but only a trick of the eye. From the front, chest hair color will appear yellow, orange. Meanwhile, from the side, the color of the birds would look green-blue.

Light and electron microscope observation revealed that chest hair color change occurs due to male birds form micro structure called barbules, can be regarded as the smallest branch of the structure of feathers.

Scientists said the structure of the barbules is not cylindrical like the smallest branch of a tree, but shaped like a boomerang. This means that the structure can function as three mirrors in clothes shop fitting room.

“Mirror” the center of the reflected light is yellow orange. While the “mirror” on the other side will reflect light blue-green. This allows the color change in quick time.

Chest hair that can change color as it is expected to grow by evolutionary scientists to help the male birds attract a mate during estrus period. Even so, not yet known how the female captures the beauty of it.

“The fact that the wings seemed to be engineered to support certain changes in the angle between the feather and the larger view to give showed color change this color change is important,” said Osorio.

Previously, a male bird species have been known as a bird that has a unique behavior in attracting the opposite sex. Before mating, the birds clean up certain areas of grass and crop pests with its beak.

After that he began to dance and make a sound. When did this bird’s body looks as if stood upright. Part of its wings expand and widen so that makes it look like a little girl wearing a skirt.

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