Travelling in Hong Kong by Tram

09 Aug

Trams running in city traffic has been serving Hong Kong residents for more than a hundred years, basically since 1904. Tram tour is not only a means, but actually used by Hong Kong residents to travel from one place to another. Tram Hong Kong is one of the interesting attractions to enjoy everyday life of the city, especially the Island are busy, busy, and solid.

Trams such as double-decker bus, but walking on the tracks with a maximum speed of 30 km / h, and only operate in the archipelago alone. Tram path stretches from west to east, divides the city centers so that the crowd becomes a very appropriate means of transport to visit the shopping centers in the archipelago.

Tramway as far as 13 km starting from Kennedy Town in the west to Shau Kei Wan on the northeast coast, through the Happy Valley district of Causeway Bay.

There are six tram lines operated starting at 05.00 am to midnight today, namely: Kennedy Town, Western Market (23 minutes), Kennedy Town, Causeway Bay (55 minutes), Kennedy Town, Happy Valley (60 minutes), Western Market- Shau ​​Kei Wan (58 minutes), Whitty Street, North Point (56 minutes), and Happy Valley-Shau Kei Wan (42 minutes).

Try the route Kennedy-Western Town Market continues to Shau Kei Wan spliced ​​into to get a unique experience with a total time of 80 minutes, visited almost all downtown at the Island with a very cheap rate, which is only two Hong Kong dollars (about USD 2,000) per person and 1 Hong Kong dollars (about USD 1,000) for parents over 65 years and children under 12 years. Payment can use the Octopus Card or coins for cash with fitting. In contrast to other transport, tram payments made at the exit that is located just in front, near the driver.

Tram is very easy, we just waited in the stops, within each 250 meters. Look at the route according to where we are going. Come up from behind and grab an empty seat. Standing inside the tram be allowed, either below or at the top level. If you want to go down, then stand near the front door while preparing payment, using either card or cash. Payment must be fit because there is no refund.

Peak Tram

Types of trams is also still used in Hong Kong, though only for tourism activities, is the Peak Tram or train to the tourist tram The Peak. Peak Tram is a tram pulled by cables along the 1.4 kilometers connecting the region with the Peak Tower Hong Kong center located approximately 150 meters below the summit of Mount Victoria.

Journey as high as 45 degree climb up a hill with amazing views of the north coast of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, Kowloon and charming.

Peak Tram was first operated in 1888 was originally a first mechanical means of public transport in Hong Kong and the world’s steepest cable car. When first run, the Peak Tram is the only means of transportation to the summit in addition to litter and horse and carriage.

This tram was originally using steam, then converted to use electricity since 1926. Until the 1960s there were two types of tickets, one for the nobility and the other for the servants. The train that we see and use today is the tram riding two first introduced in 1989, with each train with a capacity of 120 passengers (95 seated and 25 standing). But in times of tourist season, only one train is being operated.

The station is located below the terminal (Lower Peak Tram Terminus) is located at St Johns at Garden Road (near the park Hong Kong), while the upper end of the terminal is located in the Peak Tower. There are a few station stops, ie at Kennedy Road, Macdonell Road, May Road and Barker Road. But at the crowded, less likely to rise from the stations, since generally the Peak Tram station is fully charged from the bottom terminal. Peak Tram operates from 07.00 am to midnight every day with intervals of 10 to 15 minutes.

Garden Road, the Peak Tram Lower Terminus, can easily be found by walking toward the tower of Bank of China. Nearest MTR station is Central Station and the Admiralty. From MTR Central Station Exit J2 or exit at Exit K. Exit J2 to Chater Garden, where the Bank of China tower can be seen clearly. Exit K to Statue Square is located opposite the HSBC building, and on the left can be seen the tower of Bank of China.

From Admiralty MTR Station exit at Exit C1 and crossed the bridge over Queensway to Pacific Place. Arriving at Pacific Place, use the escalator on the right that runs beside the shopping center. Road until reaching the highest peak and crossed the road to Hong Kong Park and then follow the instructions of the Hong Kong Park to the Lower Peak Tram Terminus.

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