Wow, turned out to mirror Sleep Position Nature of Men!

25 May

Not all women know the nature of her partner, if the man kind of guy who tends to arrogant or easily offended. Knowing the nature of a man can be seen from his favorite position as she slept. Reflects his favorite sleeping position will be a couple who like what he was. This happens because she likes sleeping position makes him feel comfortable.

According to Samuel Dunkell, MD, director of Insomnia Medical Services, in New York City, how sleep is a reflection of man’s nature. Sleeping position is believed to be the unconscious body language that describes human traits. In addition, certain sleeping positions, otherwise good for health, but there is also a trigger nightmares.

If you want to study the relationship between sleep position with the personality traits you should consider the following:

Men who sleep with tummy means he has a great passion and powerful energy. He’s always on time and easy success, but he is the type who likes to control others, including his own partner.

2. . (Fetal POSITION)
Sleeping position like this as a baby in the womb. Usually these men tend to be sensitive and easily offended. She hugged a pillow for security. This position also indicates he needs a guarantee of getting a positive response, before taking a step further.

3. . (FULL Fetal POSITION)
If you are looking for a man who has a pattern of regular and predictable life, then you need to find a man who had a hobby of sleeping sideways. Because men like this are always rational and happy to give.

4. . (Starfish POSITION)
Supine sleeping position means this man has a high self-confidence and tend to be arrogant. This guy is if sleep accustomed to master bed and wants to be center of attention. But on the bright side, she likes to try new things outside or in the bedroom.

Can you change sleeping positions? Yes, but this is rather difficult. Just as difficult to change personality. According to research conducted by Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, sleeping position is associated with personality. less than five percent of people who sleep with a different position every night.

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