Inspired up, couple Named Son ‘Like’

18 May

The husband and wife from Israel to name their daughter Like. The name was inspired from the ‘like’ in the social networking Facebook, the word is to express delight our friend on Facebook on a picture, links or status.
The couple, Lior Adler and his wife, Vardit, who lives in Hod Hasharon, a town near Tel Aviv said the search for the name of a modern and innovative. They want a new, original and first for their daughters.

“In my opinion, the same name by Ahava or love,” said Lior Adler was quoted as saying by the newspaper Maariv. “That’s our call to our daughter, ‘Love’.”

Lior did not forget to upload photos Like to Facebook. When he displays the photograph and the name of his daughter that he gets a 40 ‘likes’. “That’s a lot, because I only have 100 friends,” he said. “But not all people who believe in me to give her name Like.”

According to the Haaretz daily, the most popular girls name in Israel today is Noa, Maya and Tamar. Lior and Vardit indeed create a unique name for their children. Before Like, girls named Lior and Vardit Pie, which means cake and a longer Vash which means honey.

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Posted by on May 18, 2011 in STRANGE


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