Hooded Pitohui, Here’s The Only Bird Toxic World

25 May

Apparently there is also a poisonous bird on this Earth, perhaps he toxic bird is only one kind in the world named Hooded Pitohui. Bird Hooded Pitohui found in Papua New Guinea, their defense against predators that despite their simple but stunning is poisonous.
Pitohui eating some types of beetles that contain a strong neurotoxin and contains an alkaloid known as batrachotoxin (poison that is also found on the skin of South American Poison Arrow Frogs).

By eating beetles, birds become poisonous, their toxin contained in the fur and skin. They really known by locals as “rubbish bird”, because its toxicity makes it impossible to eat except their skins and fur Hooded dicabut.Menyentuh Pitohui can cause numbness and tingling, skin burns and sneezing, as reported by the scientists who handle the creatures, while they may be consuming far more dangerous.

To warn the nature of its toxicity, this bird has a bright color of orange and black colors which allows candidates to recognize predators. And the Hooded Pitohui believed that the toxin can rub the eggs and children to protect them from predators.

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