Move closer to the Earth’s Sun Spot Eruption

20 Feb

VIVAnews – The eruption of sunspots again to haunt the population on Earth. According to NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, around midnight local time, the largest eruption of sunspots will be visited Earth. This is the largest solar flare in four years.

Eruption, or known as coronal mass ejection (CME), emanating from Monday, February 14, 2011, at 8:56 pm local time. He is categorized as Class X2.2 eruption, the worst kind of explosion.

This sunspot eruption followed eruption of Class M before, of which only medium or medium size, and some low-power Class C blast a week earlier.

CME moves to the state fire toward Earth at speeds around 900 km per second. Although his return was never expected, CME is expected to get to Earth at 10 pm, local time.

“This was the largest eruption of sunspots on the solar cycle this time,” said NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory in an official statement quoted by TG Daily, Friday, February 18, 2011.

Observatory NASA images capture the explosion was in a relatively extreme ultraviolet wave along the 193 Angstrom, although somewhat overwhelmed SDO tools to capture the bright flashes.

According to NASA, solar flare will cause a real effect on the population when it comes to the surface of the Earth’s atmosphere. It is not possible if the transmission of radio and GPS system will be paralyzed. So did the electric current.

Largest radiation will be felt by astronauts who had been in the International Space Station (space station), not to mention passengers and crew.

However, as the large charged particles hit Earth’s atmosphere, there is the possibility of causing a bright light from north to south line that can be seen with the naked eye. Unfortunately, NASA does not specify which parts of the country will be able to see this natural phenomenon.

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