Male Humpback Whale Spreading Like singing and song

17 Apr

Male humpback whales have their own versions of popular songs, and sang spread across the ocean to the other whales. Thus the results of studies of Australian scientists published Friday (15 / 4).

While working on the study – published in the journal Current Biology, researchers in Australia for hundreds of hours listening to recordings collected during more than a decade.

All records that reveal how specific song pattern, which originated from eastern Australia, has reached the whale population up to 6000 miles from French Polynesia.

In the pattern of certain pop music, not all of the original rhythm all the time, said researcher Ellen Garland, Strata I student at The University of Queensland. “It’s like a piece of old Beatles song with U2,” said Garland.

“Sometimes the animals were completely discard the current song and start hummed the song that is really new,” he added. What remains a mystery is why all the whales sing the same song, when the effort they allegedly intended to make them appear.

“We think this male whale problem in terms of the new song is some hope to be somewhat different and perhaps more interesting for the opposite sex,” said Garland.

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