This is the Flying Robot Tracking Criminals

12 May

Technology is growing, This is the Flying Robot Tracking Criminals. Aeryon Company, manufacturer of Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) known from Canada, manufactures a robotic fly that could be used to track criminals. Flying robot named Scout, according Aeryon, has the best artificial intelligence and the most impressive available today.

Simple in its use, users simply touch a certain point on the Google Map displayed on the touch screen controls. Once touched, the robot will fly to the location of the target with a speed of 30 mph to record high quality video that can be displayed in real time on computers, notebooks, and even the iPhone.

Scout can fly to a height of 500 feet above the ground and can display an image of close-ups of the area as far as 300 meters. Four rotor blades have also ensured that the robot remains silent during operation so difficult to detect. Scout and the panel is easy to carry anywhere, the ease of use.

In the demo video on his website, Aeryon shows how the Scout action which captures the image of a thief in the act. Scout image with a good record and with its zoom feature, the user can see the thief’s face clearly. For police, flying robot is very helpful.

Scout even suitable for military and reconnaissance missions. On his web writing, “We have access to high-quality air intelligence field is a requirement, not a luxury. It could be that determines the success and failure of mission, life or death. Scout provides the necessary air intelligence directly to the location.”

One feature is self-correcting mainstay Scout camera, allowing the robot remains focused on the target. With a touchscreen interface and a system that takes pictures at once in seconds, these robots provide the ability for police intelligence, military, and civilian.

This robot plans were sold at $ 50,000. Currently Aeryon Scout was trying to fly in the U.S.. Discussion with the security and U.S. law have been made.

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