Iran Create World’s First Flying Saucer

20 Mar

Iranian scientists claim to creating the first flying saucer, though not yet clear how high the object was capable of flight, the plane was a media-like UFO.

Flying saucer named Saturn, which means that Saturn is an unmanned spacecraft designed for imaging the air.

However, based on information the Daily Mail, the object can be used for a variety of missions that are not mentioned details. Office of Fars media describe it like a UFO flying saucer in the Hollywood movie pada1950’s.

“Easy Shuttle launch and fly, little noise and has the same advantages with other aircraft,”the report ISNA (Iranian Student’s News Agency’s).

The device was equipped with autopilot, regulating the stability of images, GPS and a tape recorder HD quality. Iran’s space program is ambitious seems to be a warning to the Western world, because at the same time, missile technology used for the space program with the technology to build intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Last year, Iran announced the success they managed to send the rats, turtles and worms into space. They are ambitious to send humans into space, nine years ahead.

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Posted by on March 20, 2011 in TECHNOLOGY


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