NASA Discover the Stars ‘cannibal’

27 Apr

U.S. space agency, NASA found the star of “cannibal”, is thought to eat the star of stars that are nearby.
Red giant stars billions of years old is called BP Piscium. This star is expected to swallow like a young star. BP Solar Piscium located 1000 light-years away in the constellation Pisces. NASA found it with the help of Chandra X-ray observatory.

The scientists began studying this star since 15 years ago. They takjud and surprised by the appearance of an unusual star.

Leading astronomers believe that stars are red giants, stars that have evolved the final stage. They concluded that the dust from the material formed from the remains of a young star that has consumed and “digest”.

Professor Joel Kastner of the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, said the researchers have discovered a rare case of “cannibalism star. ” “The basis for our speculation after observing the stars right at the point where he swallows mate and form a disc,” said Kastner.

The scientists believe that Earth could one day be a victim of the same fate BP Piscium’s poor neighbors.

David Rodriguez of the University of California, Los Angeles, said the star of this show us that stars like our sun may live quietly for billions of years, but when they leave, they can take a star or planet.


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