This He Spider Titanic Wreck Has Strongest Nets

25 May

Atlantic – Surprised and delighted and amazed the scientists who managed to descend to find a spider that has the largest net mesh the strongest ever found.

The Darwin’s bark spider is a spider that was ranked top of the remarkable species discovered by researchers years ago. The spider was discovered in Madagascar has the ability to spin huge webs that are not easily broken by the square footage of up to 25 meters.

Into three major findings that this is the type of bacteria that feed on iron and is found in the ruins of the Titanic in the Atlantic seabed. It is estimated that bacteria with the Latin name Halomonas Titanicae can be useful in the disposal of old ships.

Other findings are no less appalling is Tyrannobdella rex, found a leech on her nose. Tyrannobdella Rex is a variety of leeches found in South America in the Upper Amazon. This newly discovered genus of leeches that eat from the mucous membrane of upper respiratory tract of mammals. Leech species is said to have eight teeth. Tyrannobdella Rex is found feeding on the mucous membranes of a girl who had taken a bath in the upper Amazon in Peru.

Genetic studies indicate that the leech is also closely related to Dinobdella Ferox, a similar species found in Taiwan. For that, there is the idea that family Praobdellidae have a single ancestor in the evolution.

Batfish pancakes Louisiana (Louisiana flat fish) is also a part of the three top rankings findings. This fish is said to be able to jump using the wings. This fish is said the original inhabitants of the Gulf of Mexico, and was discovered in 2010. The range covered by the discovery of this animal from the effects of oil spills Deepwater Horizon.

“A reasonable estimate in a scientific study that 10 million species still able to be explained, both the name and classification, prior to any change of reintroduction of the biosphere (natural environment) is also growing and increasingly difficult to understand,” said Director Quentin Wheeler is quoted from . uk, Tuesday, (05/24/2011)

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