Top 5 Weird Amusement Parks in the World

04 Apr

Everyone loves amusement parks. Can be enjoyed by different types of people with different interests, to take a walk to enjoy the atmosphere, or take part in a variety of rides offered in it, amusement parks is a pleasant place for everyone. But be careful if your children are invited to the amusement park that has not you know, in some corner of the city and state, the amusement park has a theme that is quite strange, even scary enough for a class of children.

1. Love Land

This is an amusement park in Korea. Having more than 140 sculptures depicting different sexual positions. This park is the honeymoon destination is quite famous. With carvings and sculptures are informative, this amusement park aims to provide sex education for visitors.

2. Dickens World

This amusement park located in the UK that builds upon all the works of Charles Dickens’s unique and controversial.

3. Bon Bon Land

This amusement park is located in Denmark, focusing on the vomit and dog poop. The characters that appear on various rides at this park depict a character who is drunk and feels the need to vomit. There are even signs that read “pervert” to show a toilet that has the character of breasts and buttocks exposed. The voices that menghiasa playground even this is quite unique, from voice vomit, fart, etc..

4. Hershey Park

As the name implies, this amusement park founded by the chocolate manufacturer Hershey. Located in Pennsylvania, this park has 60 rides and a zoo playing alone. The characters that appeared tailored to the Hershey chocolate products, such as Hershey Kisses, Hershey Bar, and Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.

5. Haw Par Villa

This park is located in Singapore. This is a park Chinese mythology. Having more than a thousand sculptures and has 150 diorama that tells all about the folklore, legends and history throughout China.

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