Future Man Can Breathe in Water

19 Apr

Remember the story of fish man? Future, the ability to breathe in water may be enjoyed by humans. Scientists had found a magic way with the incorporation of DNA.

In animal studies salamanders, scientists found that algae plants that produce oxygen bound with salamander eggs and inseparable.

This is evident from the presence of algal DNA in embryo salamanders. By studying the mechanism further, scientists hope to find the same process and can be applied in humans to survive underwater.

Researchers from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, found that human DNA could in principle be packed with thousands of viruses that are absorbed from the human birth.

Scientists menganalogikan this theory on salamanders because algae are often trapped in their embryos. Algae did not release the salamanders although it continues to grow plants.

This discovery became the first documentation of how plants live in symbiosis in vertebrates. Scientists claim discovery of these shows algae can be a source of oxygen for other organisms, including humans.

“Algae in the egg capsule to provide oxygen to the embryo and the algae get the waste from the embryonic form of nitrogen needed to grow algae,” said study leader Dr. Ryan Kerney.

“We also found the DNA of algae on the reproductive organs of adult salamanders absorb so there is this possibility in salamanders,” said the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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