Transparent walled plane

19 Jun

Shape future aircraft cabin may provide a more natural setting with direct lighting from the outside. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus aircraft concept futurtistik reveal that using such a transparent wall of the cabin.
“The research we did showed that in 2050, passengers hoping to travel with nayaman experience while still concerned with the environment. Concept cabin is designed in accordance thinking like that,” said Charles Champion, Executive Vice President of Engineering in London on Monday (13 / 6 / 2011).
With a transparent cabin, all passengers can enjoy the scenery outside the aircraft more freely. No origin transparent, because the walls can vary according to conditions beyond the level of lighting because it uses a smart membrane materials. Dindingnay can set the exposure to the sun so the temperature in the room can be stabilized.
The plane, which may not be produced in 2050 was also equipped with an interactive entertainment and technology today is probably just wishful thinking. For example, games that form the hologram in the front passenger.
Airbus designers also believe, then passengers can even play golf in the aircraft cabin. Certainly not playing in a real sense, but virtually in one part that is designed like a golf course. On another occasion, the same place can be transformed into meeting rooms according to the needs of passengers.
There is also a special room equipped for the leisure facilities that improve mood lighting, aromatherapy, massage facilities, and fresh air with the content of antioxidants to help passengers relax.
Interestingly, the plane was also carrying, among others, utilizing green technology to convert heat energy tebarukan passenger’s body becomes a source of energy for entertainment facilities are available for every passenger. The technology in these aircraft also use the fuel highly efficient, low emissions, and waste treatment are effective.
Overall, the cabin design of Airbus aircraft mimics a bird bone concept. Bone structure is like a bird that makes it able to fly very efficiently. Well, the concept of such aircraft, the journey might not just move from one place to another but an unforgettable experience. Just wait for this plane into a reality.

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