Excess charge, the Libyan Refugee Ship Sinking

12 May

MILAN – A ship containing the 600 people who want to save themselves from drowning not far from the Libyan port of Tripoli because of overloading.

A spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Laura Boldrini said, officials are still trying to confirm the fate of the people who were on board these Nahas. The ship sank after being damaged, ie broken, on Friday, May 6 local time, on the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya.

Launched by the Associated Press, Tuesday (05/10/2011), the Refugees who boarded another ship with the same departure time, see the remnants of a sunken ship and the bodies of some victims floating in the sea. They see it, some time after the incident occurred hull damage.

Meanwhile, another witness said, saw some passengers swam to shore. But the International Organization for Migration has not been able to confirm how many of the survivors.

One of the staff of the International Migration Organization in the small Italian island, Lampedusa, interviewing a Somali woman who lost her baby when the ship sank. The woman swam and managed to land on the other ship that led to Italy, but not with four-month-old baby.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Libyan government in Tripoli did not provide comment when asked by reporter about refugee ship that sank it.

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