Scientists Discover Bacteria Type Thousands Living in the Navel People

07 Jul

Scientists find 1400 different bacteria in the human navel. A total of 662 of them are new species. Findings by Belly Button Biodiversity project explains that the navel is an attractive environment for bacteria.

Projects carried out by North Carolina University in Raleigh, United States, is taking samples from the volunteers.

This project aims to get people interested in the field of microbiology and reduce concerns about disease-causing microbes. The study, led by Rob Dunn and Jiri Hulcr it was revealed new data about the microorganisms living human body.

“Some of the species found were ever found at sea,” writes Carl Zimmer, science writer who also contributed samples from his navel, on the blog.

In samples taken from his navel, also found Georgenia species, species that have been found only in Japan.

Zimmer claimed to have never been there. Although new types of microbes that are found pretty much, just a little quantity.

“A total of 40 species is equivalent to 80 percent of the population of bacteria in the navel,” writes Peter Aldhous, also a science writer who donated samples.


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    August 1, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Very nice information here. Going to bookmark it!


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