8 Event Extraordinary Natural Anomalies

30 Mar

In fact many single-celled algae that grows profusely red color in coastal waters and causes the red color on the surface of the water. Many of these algae are harmless, but the reality is that they increase the toxic substances in the sea, causing the deaths of hundreds of fish, birds and mammals. At the same time, humans also have an indirect way this phenomenon, which deteriorates the ecological impact on the beach and this is reflected in the maritime and economic sectors.

Bahamas blue hole

This “big hole” suddenly sank into the sea. As I looked from the air, solid blue color indicates the existence of deep and impenetrable darkness, especially in contrast to the water around them. Those divers who had stepped on it tens of meters, have found that at this depth, a serious shortage of oxygen level and that there is life other than just lack of ocean currents.

Nevertheless, the place has a very high scientific interest, and so far have been found in dozens of remote ancient fossils. This “hole” was found in Belize, Bahamas blue hole deeper, approximately 400m east of Belize has some 123m.

Basalt columns in the Canary Islands

On cooling, thick lava flows made ​​at a vertical angle to the direction of flow, resulting in strange geometric figure. This is a process that produces basaltic columns regular hexagonal shape and perfection almost artificial. Among the most famous is the “Giant’s Causeway in Ireland and” Devil’s Tower “in the U.S., but does not reduce the” Bodies “on the island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

The stones that move alone in Death Valley, USA

In the famous Death Valley in the United States there is a single phenomenon, these stones appear floating above the barren wasteland that was once mud. For decades, scientists have theorized a reasonable explanation for this anomaly, in which a stone weighing several pounds can travel several hundred meters “course.”

Many believe that this movement is due to strong winds, but that does not explain that rocks of different size and weight of a parallel move with different speeds and directions. In addition, the calculation of physics do not support this theory, because for some stones will be needed to move wind speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour higher. The wind can move the small stones, but how do you move a few tens of pounds?.

Ice Circles

Little-known phenomenon, but thanks to the Internet to spread its communications. Apparently, the scientists speculate that the perfect circle of ice formed by a natural whirlpool in the water to rise to the surface forms a perfect circle on the surface of ice.

So far there are circles of different diameters and in various parts of the world, sometimes not even a single circle, but some of them distributed across the surface of the water. Recorded the largest has a diameter of 150 meters.

Cloud mammatus

Kemunculannya adalah pertanda akan terjadi badai besar Tampilan jenis ini aneh awan adalah pertanda menyenangkan kedatangan badai berat atau cuaca buruk. Awan ini kebanyakan berisi kristal es dapat diperpanjang dalam ratusan kilometer garis dapat diukur. Beberapa formasi awan ini bisa tetap statis bahkan untuk 10-15 menit.

Rainbow Fire

They are very difficult to see the conditions for their formation probability of observing one strange rainbow is very low. Whether caused by a rare convergence of sunlight in a few clouds must have a certain position.

By reflecting sunlight, ice crystals in clouds to produce visible light spectrum. Since it is very unusual to see the pictures of this phenomenon is not very popular and can take a snapshot so lucky.

Striped Icebergs

Icebergs in the Antarctic area sometimes have a line formed by layers of snow that react in different conditions. blue line is often made ​​when a gap in the ice filled with a mix of water freezes so quickly that no bubbles form.

When an iceberg falls into the sea, a layer of salty seawater can freeze the bottom. If this is rich in algae, can form a green line. Brown, black and yellow is the color of the line caused by sediment collected when sucked down into the sea ice.

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